The Future of Drug Discovery: AI Impacting Upon Hit ID Strategies

July 01, 2019
Pharma, Biotech, drug discovery

Grant Wishart PhD, Director CADD & Structural Biology, leads the Charles River CADD & Structural Biology groups, which provide computational chemistry, structural biology, biophysics and protein production services across partner drug discovery programs. One of the hottest areas right now is AI. Dr. Wishart’s group, through a partnership with Atomwise is applying AI technology to predict binding to protein targets for vast numbers of compounds including synthesis-on-demand libraries. These experiments can be done within a matter of days. Not surprisingly, the power of AI is sowing both hype and scepticism. Dr. Wishart believes demonstrated success stories on live drug discovery programs are the way forward in alleviating doubt as well as managing expectations. Eureka connected with Dr. Wishart as part of its series on AI in Drug Discovery to learn more about how AI is impacting our contract research.

Read Eureka Staff's full interview with our partners at Charles River Labs here - The Future of Drug Discovery: AI Impacting Upon Hit ID Strategies


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Atomwise is revolutionizing how drugs are discovered with AI. We invented the use of deep learning for structure-based drug discovery, today developing a pipeline of small-molecule drug candidates advancing into preclinical studies. Our AtomNet® technology has been used to unlock more undruggable targets than any other AI drug discovery platform. We are tackling over 600 unique disease targets across 775 collaborations spanning more than 250 partners around the world. Our portfolio of joint ventures and partnerships with leading pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and emerging biotechnology companies represents a collective deal value approaching $7 billion. Atomwise has raised over $174 million from leading venture capital firms to advance our mission to make better medicines, faster.

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