Atomwise is Speeding up AI Drug Discovery with NVIDIA

August 12, 2020
AI Technology

"Atomwise is a member of NVIDIA Inception, a program that supports AI startups with go-to-market support, expertise, and technology. Atomwise developed the AtomNet® model, the first convolutional neural network (CNN) for drug discovery, capable of screening over 16 billion compounds for potential hits in less than two days. AtomNet removes the physical barriers that have traditionally limited the success of small molecule drug discovery by allowing medicinal chemists and research teams to simulate the molecule screening process, condensing a process that would otherwise take months or years. This fundamental tool makes it possible for chemists to pursue hit discovery, lead optimization and toxicity predictions with precision and accuracy."

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About Atomwise

Atomwise is revolutionizing how drugs are discovered with AI. We invented the use of deep learning for structure-based drug discovery, today developing a pipeline of small-molecule drug candidates advancing into preclinical studies. Our AtomNet® technology has been used to unlock more undruggable targets than any other AI drug discovery platform. We are tackling over 600 unique disease targets across 775 collaborations spanning more than 250 partners around the world. Our portfolio of joint ventures and partnerships with leading pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and emerging biotechnology companies represents a collective deal value approaching $7 billion. Atomwise has raised over $174 million from leading venture capital firms to advance our mission to make better medicines, faster.

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