Ligand Pose Ensembles Improve Affinity Prediction in Structure-Based Virtual Screening

July 26, 2020
Events, ACS2020

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KS (1)Kate Stafford, PhD 

Atomwise Collaborators: Brandon Anderson, PhD

Title: Ligand Pose Ensembles Improve Affinity Prediction in Structure-Based Virtual Screening

Division: COMP



Accurate and efficient prediction of binding affinity between small molecules and proteins is an important component of drug discovery and lead optimization. Deep learning has emerged as a powerful tool for structure-based affinity predictions. However, many factors limit the quality of these predictions, including the challenge of making structure-based predictions from static snapshots. Here we explore the effect of incorporating ligand conformational ensembles on deep learning based affinity prediction. Using the publicly available PDBBind-2019 dataset, we show that a small ensemble of docked poses outperforms single poses in affinity prediction tasks even when the protein is treated as rigid. We explore a variety of pose pooling strategies, including mean-pooling, max-pooling, and attention layers applied to both hidden states and predictions. We conclude with a discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of each pooling technique.


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